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Reminder:  archived release notes available here.

General API Change Log Information

Release Date: Feburary 21st, 2013

Hotfix Release Date: March 20th, 2013

The focus of this release is:

  • API 1.5

About the RightScale API:

The RightScale API provides access to the RightScale resources through a well defined REST interface. The RightScale API Reference Guide lists all of the available resources together with their fields and actions.

The following table lists versions of the RightScale API, both released and non-released, and indicates which clouds each supports.

RightScale API Version Supported Clouds RightScale Functionality
RightScale API 1.0 Amazon EC2, all regions Design, Manage
RightScale API 1.5 Unified API with support for all clouds.  See Unified Cloud Platform for more information. Design, Manage, User/Account Provisioning, Audit Entries
We continue to expand support for both cloud infrastructure as well as RightScale functionality. If you have suggestions for how the API could better serve you, please contact us at For further API information and examples, we encourage you to visit the RightScale Forums at
RightScale API Version Reference Doc Support Site Examples
RightScale API 1.0 View View
RightScale API 1.5 View View


Hotfix (March 20th)

Added Resources (and associated MediaTypes):

  • Subnets

Modified Resources:


  • update - added parm subnet_hrefs


  • create - added param instance[subnet_hrefs]


  • create - added param instance[subnet_hrefs]

Release (Feburary 21st)

Added Resources (and associated MediaTypes):

Modified Resources:


  • index - added view inputs_2_0
  • show - added view inputs_2_0


Note: See IdentityProviders for more information

  • Removed 'enterprise_manager' role access
  • Added 'admin' role access


  • index - added view inputs_2_0
  • multi_update - added support for new Inputs 2.0 syntax


Note: start and stop limited to 'actor' role


  • index - added view inputs_2_0
  • show - added view inputs_2_0


  • create - added support for new Inputs 2.0 syntax 


Note: see Tags for more information

  • Added ability to tag Account objects


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