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Release Date: June 30, 2011

Release Time: 9:00pm Pacific

Description: This is a small release between our normal release cycles consisting of a valuable addition to Server Arrays. For the Release Notes from our previous platform release, see 2011-05-04.

Spot Instances for Server Arrays

Spot Instances can now be used for Server Arrays. Using Spot Instances has always been a good way to cut costs, allowing users to bid on unused EC2 capacity as opposed to paying On-Demand prices. Previously, Spot Instances were not supported by Server Arrays, but now users can incorporate Spot Instances and potentially gain significant savings. For more information, see Create a New Server Array with Spot Instances.

Discontinued Support

Beginning in August, the RightScale Dashboard will no longer support Internet Explorer 7 or Chrome 7. For a list of our supported browsers, see FAQ 150 - Which browsers are supported by the RightScale Dashboard?

Unresolved Issues

Many bugs were resolved with this release. If you are interested in inquiring about a particular issue, please contact support@rightscale.comTo report any perceived errors, omissions, or suggestions to improve this document, please contact

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