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Release Date:  Nov 9, 2010

General Release Information

Release Date:  Nov 9, 2010

Release Time:  9:00pm Pacific

Description:  The focus of this release is:

  • Many architectural improvements that will not be noticeable to the end user. 
  • Final product refinements to enable the Private Cloud Early Access Program.
  • New features to view updates available for your imported RightScale Library components.
  • Improvements in the ability to run an arbitrary script on a set of servers - filter by tag, name, or ServerTemplate.
  • Various usability enhancements such as editable Bookmarks, drag and drop QuickMonitoring graphs, and adjustable left column.

Please read the release notes in their entirety for a more exhaustive understanding of what comprises this release.

Contact Information:


  • alpha - Feature that has undergone simple testing and is expected to change, possibly significantly, before going into "beta" or "general release."  Recommended for early access to new features and prototyping of new deployments/architectures.  Only eligible for limited technical support. Service Level Response times are not applicable to Alpha software.
  • beta - Feature that has undergone significant testing and is not expected to significantly change before "general release."  Recommended for non-production deployments.
  • general release - Feature that has undergone testing and field experience or is a minor upgrade from prior releases.  Recommended for production upgrade after testing.  (Also known as general availability (GA).)


Note:  Any numbers in parentheses below are for internal RightScale use only.  Please ignore them, they are simply tracking numbers. 


New Features

- Disclaimer -

recently_intro_icon.gifThe following new features have been added to the RightScale Cloud Management Platform.  Be sure to read the documentation, follow best practice principles, and thoroughly test any new functionality before making any changes to your production deployment.


Your Imports

The Design > MultiCloud Marketplace > Your Imports page reveals overview and detailed information for all RightScale components (ServerTemplates, RightScripts, MultiCloud Images and Macros) that have been imported from the MultiCloud Marketplace to your local view.  You can also easily discover published bug fixes and feature enhancements available to ServerTemplates that you use.  To learn more, see About Your Imports.  (bl-10757)

Billing Preferences

There is a new Billing Preferences tab under the Account -> Settings screen, for accounts that possess the 'Admin' User Role.  By default, all accounts can see billing estimates on both the Usage Estimate Report and the Dashboard Overview page.  By enabling the 'Billing Admin-only' feature, only users with 'Admin' or 'Billing' roles will see this information.  To learn more see Enable Admin-only Billing. (bl-11845)

Single Sign On (Private Beta)

The Dashboard now supports federated login through OpenID.  RightScale users can log into the Dashboard using an OpenID provider instead of their password. This feature is currently beta, and does not yet include automated account provisioning. Note that this now enables the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA) through 3rd-party identity providers like Verisign.  Please contact your RightScale Account Representative if you are interested in using Single Sign On and providing feedback as part of the beta.  (az-14391)




Changes to the software are listed here.  Changes usually refer to enhancements to existing features, minor UI changes, additional logging or messaging, etc.

Run Any Script on User Specified Servers

The 'Run Any Script' on a Deployment functionality has been improved.  There is an intermediary page where you can filter by a Server's Nickname, the ServerTemplate it uses, or by machine tags prior to making the selection of what Servers to run the selected RightScript against.  Based on the result set of the filters you choose you can also select "all on page", "none" or "all Number#"  (where Number# is the total number of Servers in the result set.  This is only displayed if pagination is involved in the Servers result set).  Note:  This new functionality applies to Servers only, not Server Arrays.  Click here to learn more.  (gr-12844)

Improvements to Bookmarks

There is now an updated look and feel to the left column, including new customizable bookmark features:

  • Icons for frequently used entities (Servers, Deployments, ServerTemplates, etc.)
  • Column width can be changed between small and large
  • Hide option collapses to a tab in the yellow Title section (simple mouse click to expand again)
  • Bookmark Edit Mode is very intuitive
  • Bookmarks can be dragged and dropped for reordering (gr-10645)

Drag and Drop QuickMonitoring Graphs

You can now customize your QuickMonitoring graphs in the left column. Thumbnail graphs can now be added, renamed, dragged, and rearranged. (gr-14670)

ISV Customer Usage Report - Metering enhancements

Previously, when a ServerTemplate was cloned and privately shared, the lineage was broken and additional reporting was not possible.  The Dashboard can now continue to report metering information even in this scenario.  This will prove beneficial for ISVs who can receive income based on continued metering.  This scenario is best explained by an example:

  1. A RightScale partner publishes a new ServerTemplate (A)
  2. A RightScale customer imports, clones and modifies ServerTemplate (A)... it is now ServerTemplate (B)
  3. Some time later the same customer publishes (or republishes) ServerTemplate (B) to their 'other accounts' using the Account Group facility (formerly Sharing Groups)
  4. The customer's 'other accounts' imports ServerTemplate (B), clones and modifies it, etc.

Previously in this scenario the lineage would have been broken and the initial publisher would not possess the ability to receive payment for their work. Now, the lineage is tracked.  Important:  At Step #2 in the above process there is a warning message that makes it very clear the publisher of the original ServerTemplate (A) will continue to track the ServerTemplate's lineage.  In summary, all users (with 'publisher' user role privileges) can publish RightScale components to the MultiCloud Marketplace.  If they don't have publishing capabilities for their account they can only publish publicy, not to Account Groups and hence they can't receive payment for their work.  See ISV Customer Usage Report to learn more.  (bl-12882)

Increased accuracy on Reserved Instance reporting

The Usage Estimate Report is more accurate with respect to pricing of reserved instances. Accounts with reserved instances will see several new rows of information in the report and the reserved instance rate will be reflected on the total dollar usage.  Similarly the monthly and prior month usage also reflects the reserved instance pricing (Manage > Deployments > Servers and Dashboard Overview pages).  Note:  Although the mentioned reports reflect the more accurate pricing, the current runrate and projection do not have reserved instances calculated. They still use the same on-demand pricing scheme.  (bl-13601)

Macros now surface EULAs on included ServerTemplates

Previously, if a ServerTemplate that had a EULA was included in a Macro, the user would not be required to accept the EULA when running the Macro. Now, all EULAs for included ServerTemplates are required to be accepted by the end user running the Macro.


Bug Fixes

The following bugs are user facing and have been resolved in this release. However this is not an exhaustive list, and if you are interested in a particular issue that is not shown here, please contact customer support.

Redirection in editing Alerts workflow

Previously, when a server's alert condition was edited and saved, the following page would render incorrectly. (gr-7936w)

Defect in the RightScale Core API 

When navigating to the settings in an API server, an internal error would occur. (8031)

Incorrect SSH Key assignment during Sign-up

During a new user Sign-up, users choose an SSH Key they would like to use from a list. However, the user would be assigned the first available SSH Key on the list, regardless of the user's selection. (7403)

Unable to publish ServerTemplate to private sharing group

When a head revision of a RightScript would get committed, the version number would not change accordingly to the corresponding Library_object. (7888)

Broken Images v5.4 and later

Images would appear broken when the title of the SSH Key contained spaces. (7830)

SSH button malfunction during launch with an EIP

The SSH Console button was previously being prematurely displayed for servers using an EIP. Now this button will not be displayed until the EIP association is complete. (gr-6652w)

Sketchy ID display in the Info tab

The Sketchy ID was displaying incorrectly in the info tab for v4 servers. The RightScale Dashboard now displays a Sketchy host and ID in the Info tab of a server. (gr-7598w)



Unresolved Issues

Please report issues to:


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