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Dashboard Icons

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icon_Launch_v1.png  Launch (or attach VPN Gateway)
icon_YellowArrowUp_v1.png  Pending
icon_GreenArrowUp_v1.png  Booting
icon_green_circle_v1.png  Operational
icon_red_square_v1.png  Offline/Stopped
icon_red_circle_v1.png  Invalid
icons_ssh.gif  Open an SSH Console
icons_terminate.gif  Terminate
icon_GreenArrowDown_v1.png  Decommissioning
icons_red_square.gif  Stopped
icons_valid.gif  Valid
icon_Warning_v2.png  Warning
icon_Edit_v2.png  Edit
icon_Delete_v1.png  Delete
wiki_icon_info.gif  General Information
icon_Column_v1.png  Show/Hide Columns
icon_expire.png  Temporary Account Invitation
icons_disassociate.gif  Disassociate an Elastic IP (or Detach VPN Gateway)
icons_lock.gif  Locked
icon-green-unlocked.png  Unlocked
icons_move_script.gif  Move Script (Drag & Drop)
icon_yellow_circle_v1.png  A Newer Revision of the Script is Available
icon-cm_arrow_left.gif  Expand (Cluster Monitor graphs)
icon-cm_arrow_down.gif  Collapse (Cluster Monitor graphs)
icon-refresh.png  Refetch every repository in the RepoPath
spot bidding.png  Rebid - Change the bid price for a Spot Instance
icon_Server.png  Server (Bookmarks)
icon_ServerTemplate.png  ServerTemplate (Bookmarks)
icon_Array.png  Server Array (Bookmarks)
icon_Deployment.png  Deployment (Bookmarks)


          icon-lifecycle.png Lifecycle Event
          icon-general-info.gif General nformation or Notification Event
          icon-security.png Security Event
          icon-error.png Error Event
Note:  Event Icons are in the EVENTS pane on the left side of the Dashboard.

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