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Icons are used throughout the RightScale Dashboard.  They are defined below with their icon, a short definition, and sometimes a longer explanation. Icons in the Dashboard fall into four main categories:

  1. Action Icons - Icons that are both informational and actionable.  If you click them, a specific action is executed.  (middle pane, primary display)
  2. Icons - Standard icons that are informational only.  They are not actionable.  (middle pane)
  3. Event Icons - Action icons that are used in the Events pane of the Dashboard only.  (left pane)
  4. Bookmark Icons - Action icons that are used in the Bookmarking feature of the Dashboard. (left pane)

Action Icons

Typically action icons serve a single purpose.  However, some action icons below are used for more than one purpose.  For example, the Attach and Launch action icon is the same icon-Launch-v1.png, but serves a different purpose depending on context in the Dashboard.

Alert Triggered

An active Alert that was triggered.  icon_red_circle_v1.png

Alert not Triggered

Alert that has not been triggered.  icon_green_circle_v1.png


Attach a VPN gateway.   icon-Launch-v1.png


Edit the selected resource.  For example, edit an alert specification.   icon_Edit_v2.png


Delete a RightScale component, such as a ServerTemplate, RightScript or Macro.  icon_Delete_v1.png Note:  The Delete action icon is also an Action Button.


Detach a VPN gateway.  icons_disassociate.gif


When using the 'Detect Changes in HEAD' action item, this icon will appear and can be selected to display differences between current script revision and HEAD revision.   icon-DiffScriptsTab-v1.png


Disassociate an IP address with a Server.  For example, disassociate an AWS Elastic IP (EIP).   icons_disassociate.gif


Launch an instance in the cloud.   icon-Launch-v1.png


Indicates the RightScale component (e.g. Deployment) is locked.  The Lock icon is a toggle.  Clicking it will set status to "unlock", making it editable.  icons_lock.gif

Newer Revision

A newer revision of a RightScript is available.  When clicked, a popup box is presented, allowing you to select a different revision.  icon-Launch-v1.png   


Rebid or change the bid price for an AWS Spot Instance.  spot_bidding.png


Create a Snapshot from a Volume.  icon_snapshot_v1.png


Open an SSH console window on a specific Server.  icons_ssh.gif


Terminate a Server.  See also Server Statesicons_terminate.gif


Indicates the RightScale component (e.g. Deployment) is unlocked.  The Unlock icon is a toggle.  Clicking it will set status to "lock", protecting it from deletion or edits.  icon-Unlocked-v1.png

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Standard informational icons are defined below.  Most icons are static, but a few do change the display in the Dashboard, yet take not action with respect to any cloud asssets.  (For example, expand/collapse graphs or hide/show columns.  The display is changed but there is no impact with respect to any Deployment or Server assets you are managing in the cloud.)


An instance has been launched, and its current state is "booting".   See also Server Statesicon_GreenArrowUp_v1.png


Collapse the Cluster Monitoring graphs.  icon-cm_arrow_down.gif


A Server is in the decommissioning process.  See also Server Statesicon_GreenArrowDown_v1.png


Expand the Cluster Monitoring graphs.  icon-cm_arrow_left.gif

Hide/Show columns

Select what columns to hide or show for a screen in the primary display of the Dashboard.  Select Defaults to return to the default display for that page.   icon_Column_v1.png


General or additional information.  Hover over the information icon to get a more detailed Input description.  wiki_icon_info.gif


Invalid.  icon_red_circle_v1.png


A Server whose state is "offline".  The same icon is used for "stopped" Servers. See also Server Statesicon_red_square_v1.png


A Server is up, running and in an "operational" state.  See also Server Statesicon_green_circle_v1.png


An instance has been launched, and its current state is "pending".  See also Server States.   icon_YellowArrowUp_v1.png

Show/Hide Columns

Select what columns to show or hide for a screen in the primary display of the Dashboard.  Select Defaults to return to the default display for that page.   icon_Column_v1.png


A Server whose state is "stopped".  A true "stopped Server" is currently an AWS EC2 centric term.  The same icon is used for "offline" Servers.  See also Server Statesicon_red_square_v1.png


Valid.  icons_valid.gif


Warning.  Hover over the icon for a specific message.  For example, a HEAD revision RightScript warning message.  icon_Warning_v2.png


Action Icons      Event Icons      Bookmark Icons

Event Icons

Click any of the Event Icons in the Event Header to toggle whether that category of event is displayed in the Events pane or not.  Event icons are in the left pane (unless the pane is collapsed).

Error Event

Some sort of error has occurred.  icon-error.png

Information Event

General information category.  Synonymous with a Notification Event.  wiki_icon_info.gif

Lifecycle Event

Lifecycle Event such as when an instance goes operational, or gets terminated.   icon-lifecycle.png

Notification Event

Notification information.  Same as a Information Event.  The terms can be used interchangeably.  wiki_icon_info.gif

Security Event

Security Event has occurred.    icon-security.png

Action Icons     Icons      Bookmark Icons

Bookmark Icons

The following icons help categorize your bookmarks.  Bookmarks are displayed in the left pane (unless the pane is collapsed).

icon_Deployment.png  Deployment
icon_Server.png  Server 
icon_Array.png  Server Array
icon_ServerTemplate.png  ServerTemplate
icon_bookmarkInstance_v1.png  Instance
icon_bookmarkdragdrop_v1.png    Drag and drop bookmarks (must be in Edit mode)


Action Icons     Icons      Event Icons    

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