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Default Fields

  • Description - Text describing the Widget Definition.
  • Data Source - Choice of 'Deployments' or 'Servers' or 'Alerts'. Default is set to 'Deployments'.
  • Inputs - Configuration parameters for use within the Liquid body.
  • Body - Code to be rendered by the Liquid template.

Filter Config

  • No filter - No filtering is available and filtering options will not be presented to the user when adding a Widget.
  • User will set the filter - The author will specify which filter types are available when creating the Widget Definition. When adding a Widget, the user will then be able to pick from the available filter types and specify the filter value.
  • Predefine the filter - The author will define the filter type and filter value in the Widget Definition. Changes to this filter configuration will not be allowed when adding a Widget, and filtering options will not be presented. Each time a Widget is added, the predefined filtering configuration in the Widget Definition is utilized.
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