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Snapshots tab

The Snapshots tab shows the following field information for the selected snapshot: * Default Fields*

  • Name - Name of the snapshot.
  • Resource UID - The cloud's unique identification number of the Volume. It is generated by and persistent in the cloud, and passed through to the Dashboard for display.
  • Owner - Owner name associated with the account that owns the snapshot in the cloud (or nothing if there is no snapshot).
  • Volume - Volume name from which the Volume Snapshot was created.
  • Status - Status of the snapshot, where legal values are "pending", "failed" or "available". You can only use a snapshot to create a Volume if its status is completed and marked "available".
  • Tag(s) - Private metadata tags that have been added to the snapshot.
  • Started at - The timestamp of when the snapshot started to be created (not when it was completed).
  • Actions - Legal action (icons) are displayed. Actions that can be performed against the snapshot.

Other Fields

  • Size - Size of the snapshot in gigabytes. (Example: 10G)
  • Visibility - Visibility of the snapshot. This will be either "private" or "public". Where private means only the account itself has visibility to the Volume, and public is everybody has visibility.


  • Delete - Delete the selected snapshot. You can use the Delete action icon iteratively, or select multiple snapshots via the checkbox and then use the "delete selected" action button. (Note there are also "select all" and "clear all" links to help with multiple selections.)
Clouds > Cloud > Volumes > Show > Snapshots tab
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