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Recurring Volume Attachments tab

Recurring Volume Attachments specify which Volumes should be attached to a Server the next time that it is launched. All of the Servers to which a Volume is scheduled to be attached at boot time are displayed in the "Recurring Attachments" tab of the Volume itself.


  • Runnable - The Server or Server Array to which a Volume attachment is attached or scheduled to be attached.
  • Runnable Type - Either "Server" or "Server Array", depending on what is Runnable.
  • Device - If a Volume is attached to an instance, the system identifier of the block device as it is manifested on the running Server is displayed. (If known and reported. For example, "/dev/sdj" ) If the Device of the Volume is not known it is labeled as such along with a unique/random number. Example: unknown_1438:1235.
  • Size - Size of the Volume in gigabytes. (For example, 10 GB.)


  • Delete - Delete the recurring Volume attachment between the Server/Server Array/instance and the Volume. You will be prompted prior to removal. (For example: "OK to delete Recurring Volume Attachment between MyServer and MyVolume?")
Clouds > Private Cloud > Volumes > Show > Recurring Attachments tab
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