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Below is a list of all running instances.

  • Name - Name of the instance.
  • Resource UID - The unique identifier that's been assigned to the instance.
  • DNS - The DNS name associated with the instance.
  • State - The state of the instance. (e.g. pending, running)
  • Actions - SSH into the instance or terminate it.

Action Buttons

  • Launch - Go to the form where you can launch a new instance.
Clouds > Cloud-com > Instances > Index

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View basic information about the instance.

Clouds > Cloud-com > Instances > Show

Info tab tab

  • State - The state of the instance.
  • IP Address - The remappable (public) IP address that's assigned to the instance. If one has not been assigned to an instance, the instance does not have a public IP address. In order to assign an IP address to an instance you must have an available (unassigned) IP Address that you've previously reserved for use. Go to "IP Addresses" to reserve one.
  • Public IP Address - A public IP address is not automatically assigned to an instance. You must manually assign a remappable IP address.
Clouds > Cloud-com > Instances > Show > Info tab
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