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Members tab

The Members tab shows all of the shared RightScale objects/members (ServerTemplates, RightScripts, MultiCloud Images, Macros) of the shared group. When a user accepts the sharing group invitation, these shared objects will appear under the appropriate Shared tabs in their account. Users will be able to clone any shared objects. When you share a macro (for example of a Deployment), you will automatically be asked to also share any referenced ServerTemplates and RightScripts to ensure that the user will also be able to clone and edit those objects. To add an object to a sharing group, change its sharing status under its Info tab from 'private' to the desired sharing group. An object can be shared with multiple sharing groups. Although you can share a HEAD version of an object, it is not recommended. You can also change an object's sharing status under its Info tab.

(DEPRECATED-No longer being used. Replaced by Your Pubs)) Settings > Sharing > Show > Members tab
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