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Sharing Groups tab

The Sharing Groups tab shows all of the selected RightScale account's sharing groups. If you have the 'publisher' role permission on a RightScale account, you have the ability to share your own RightScale components that appear under your Private tab such as ServerTemplates, RightScripts, and Macros with other users. Before you can share a component (member) with other users, you must first create a sharing group. A sharing group is a collection of RightScale components that are to be shared with specified users. Once a user accepts an invitation to the sharing group, the shared components will appear in his/her account under their respective Sharing tabs. Users will have access to all of the components in that sharing group and will be able to use them for their own purposes. It's recommended that you only share committed RightScale components. Although, it's possible to share a HEAD version of a ServerTemplate or RightScript, it is strongly discouraged because you could make changes to the HEAD version that could negatively affect your shared users without their knowledge. To add a component to a sharing group, change its sharing status under its Info tab from 'private' to the desired sharing group. A component can be shared with multiple sharing groups. Publishers can only share a committed revision of a ServerTemplate or RightScript. View the tutorial below to learn how to share RightScale components.

In addition to sharing RightScale components, RightScale Partners also have the ability to publish their ServerTemplates, RightScripts, and Macros so that they are accessible to users in the Library. You can publish components the same way as you share components, except instead of creating your own private sharing group, you must create a 'public' sharing group. Make sure that you've been upgraded to a Partner Publishing account (contact for an account upgrade). The user who will be publishing the components needs to have the 'publisher' role permissions. You can only publish a committed revision of a ServerTemplate or RightScript. After you change its sharing status (Info tab) from 'private' to 'public,' the component will be published and becomes publicly available to RightScale users in the Library. If you want to remove an older/outdated component, change its status back to private.

Warning: Any users that are using a published template/script as-is (i.e. they have not cloned it to make their own copy), that has since been removed, their server will no longer launch correctly because that template/script is no longer available.

Note: If you are sharing/publishing a macro, you must also share/publish the referenced ServerTemplates and RightScripts, otherwise a user will not be able to clone and edit the component.

Settings > Sharing > Index > Sharing Groups tab

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