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Scripts tab

The Scripts tab shows a consolidated list of all scripts (RightScripts and/or Chef Recipes) that are used by the server. You can only run scripts on the current operational server. You cannot add/remove RightScripts/Recipes on a running server. A server always reflects the scripts that are defined by its ServerTemplate. Therefore, if you launch a server using the HEAD version of a ServerTemplate and then add a RightScript to the HEAD ServerTemplate, the script will appear under the server's Scripts tab. Similarly, you can also change the server's ServerTemplate to change the scripts that are available for execution.

Operational Servers
When a script is run, the script will be executed on the running server. Typically, you will need to run a boot or operational script when input values have been modified and you need to pass those new input values to your running servers. In such cases, you need to execute the associated script that contains the input value. If the server is running, you can execute (run) any of the scripts on the server. In addition to running boot, operational, or decommission scripts, you also have the option of running "any script" on a server. You can also freeze software repositories at the server level. Similar to inputs, when you freeze software repositories at the server level, the changes will take precedence over frozen repositories that are defined at either the ServerTemplate or Deployment levels.

Stopped or Next Servers
When viewing the Next server, you can enable/disable RightScripts on the next server launch or relaunch. For example, you may want to disable a particular script from running during boot time. Or you may want to disable an operational script to prevent that action from being executed on the running server. However, you will not be able to re-enable or disable a script once a server has been launched. Disabled scripts will not be displayed in the list of scripts when viewing the current server.

Manage > Servers > Show > Scripts tab
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