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Inputs tab

The Inputs tab shows the Input parameter settings for a server based on the selection in the History timeline bar. For previous server launches, you can see exactly how the inputs were configured when the server was terminated.

For a current (running) server, you might want to change its configuration. For example, you might need to run a script that will pass a different input parameter than what was originally inherited by the server at launch time. When you edit an input parameter for a running server, you must also execute the related script in order to pass the new value to the running server. Otherwise, it could lead to confusion and inconsistency. You always want your server's configuration to match the actual state of the server. As a best practice, you should only change a current server's inputs if you plan to execute the associated script.

It's important to understand that any changes that you make under the "current" server's Inputs tab will not persist to future server launches, as they only apply to the running server. If you want an input parameter to be preserved, you should either add it at the ServerTemplate level or under the Inputs tab of the "next" server.

Warning! Any inputs that are defined under a "next" server's Inputs tab will overwrite any input settings that defined at the Deployment or ServerTemplate levels. You should only define inputs at this level under special circumstances.

Action Buttons

  • Edit - Edit the inputs of a "current" or "next" server definition.
  • Copy Inputs - Copy the input parameters from an editable server definition. For example, if you're viewing a "next" server, you can copy input parameters from the "current" server and vice-versa. This feature helps you to keep input parameters settings consistent between the "current" and "next" server definitions.
Manage > Servers > Show > Inputs tab
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