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Info tab

The Info tab shows general information about the server, including all cloud-specific information. If a server is inactive, you can edit any of the server's configurations. Changes at the server level overwrite configurations that are otherwise inherited from the ServerTemplate or Deployment levels. However, if the server is active, you can only edit its ServerTemplate revision and Elastic IP. When you change the ServerTemplate revision of a running server, only the scripts and inputs of the new revision are made available to the running server. Therefore, if you change it to a newer revision that contains new/changed/deleted inputs, you will need to run the associated script to pass the new input values to the running server. However, since the server is already operational, you cannot change its machine image (AMI, RightImage). The ability to change a running server's ServerTemplate gives you the flexibility of "rolling forward" an operational server instead of shutting it down after you've launched new servers (with the new template revision) and switching over an Elastic IP. You can also add machine tags for metadata.

Warning: Be careful when changing a running server's Elastic IP address. You do not want to accidentally steal an Elastic IP from another frontend server or send traffic to the wrong server. Once an Elastic IP is assigned to a new server and has time to settle, all traffic will be routed to that server.

Is the server locked?
Similar to deployments, you can also 'lock' a single server to protect it from select user actions. For example, when an individual server is locked, it cannot be manually moved, terminated, rebooted, or relaunched. However, automated, alert-based actions will remain active (e.g. sending email notifications, running scripts). You will also still be able to Clone and SSH. You can only lock running (active) servers.

Manage > Servers > Show > Info tab
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