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Scripts tab

The Scripts tab shows a list of RightScripts that can be run on server instances in the array. When you run a script on server instance(s) in the array using one of the options below, you will be prompted to verify input parameters and confirm the execution of the script. When you attempt to run a script, you will see a list of all ServerTemplates in the array that contain that script. You can only run a script on a server instance where its ServerTemplate contains the script. For example, there may be situations where you have server instances in the array that were created with different ServerTemplates or different revisions of the same ServerTemplate.

Action Buttons

  • run on oldest - Executes the script on the "oldest" server in the array.
  • run on all - Executes the script on all servers in the array.
  • run on remaining - Executes the script on the remaining servers. This option is only visible after you've used the 'run on oldest' option. The script will only be run on the remaining servers that exist when the button is pressed. If your array scales-up or down between the execution of both actions, the number of instances listed may not be accurate.
  • cancel - Cancel script execution.
Manage > Arrays > Show > Scripts tab
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