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Messages tab

Under the Messages tab you can manually add a new item to the queue or click the View top item link to view the topmost item/message in the queue. However, since items may be consumed any time and since SQS moreover is non-deterministic, you cannot assume that the item you are seeing is indeed the next one to be consumed. It's main purpose is to give you a quick sample of a message in the queue.

  • Message ID - The message's unique SQS identifier that's assigned when a message is sent to the queue. (Ex: 8bf87233-7233-7233-7233-790169a723b)
  • Sender ID - The AWS account number (or the IP address, if anonymous access is allowed) of the sender. (Ex: 826693181925)
  • Sent Timestamp - The timestamp of when (Ex: 2009-06-05 11:08:59 PDT)
  • Message Checksum - The message's checksum. An exception will be thrown when there is a message body checksum mismatch.
  • Message Body - The raw contents of the message.
Clouds > AWS Global > Queues > Show > Messages tab
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