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Clouds tab

The Clouds tab lists all of the clouds supported by the MultiCloud Image. If you are creating a MultiCloud Image for the first time, you will need to specify at least one image for a cloud to make the MultiCloud Image functional. Add additional images for clouds as needed.

  • Instance type - The type of instance that will be launched. Instance types will vary depending on the cloud. For example, AWS: m1.small, m1.large Rackspace: 256 server, 2GB server, etc.). NOTE: The selected machine image must use the appropriate architecture for the selected instance type. For example on AWS, use a 32-bit image for 'small' and 'medium' instance types and 64-bit images for 'large' and 'xlarge' instance types.
  • Image - Select the machine image that will be used to build and launch an instance. The image selector filters the list so that you can only select an image that's available in the selected cloud. When possible, we recommend using one of our published RightImages. Warning: If you select a non-RightImage, RightScale will not be able to provide any support for your instance.
  • Kernel Image (AWS) - The kernel that you want to use for your instance. (Optional)
  • Ramdisk Image (AWS) - The ramdisk that you want to use for your instance. (Optional)
  • User Data (AWS) - Data to be passed into the instances using the EC2 user launch data (limited to 16KB). This field is rarely used but can be useful during development to pass configuration values into the instance.

In order to launch a server in a private cloud, you need RightImages that are designed for use with private clouds. You can access the appropriate RightImages by contacting RightScale Sales. Please contact your RightScale Sales Account Manager for assistance. If you do not have a RightScale Account Manager, please contact the sales department at

Design > MultiCloud Images > Show > Clouds tab
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