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Password tab

Change your password. A new password must have a password strength of at least "medium" in order to be accepted.

Tips for creating a strong password:

  • Make it at least 6 characters or longer
  • Must use both lowercase and uppercase letters
  • Include numbers and symbols
  • Use punctuation marks and symbols such as "_" or "~"
  • Avoid using repeating characters such as "aaabbccc"
  • Avoid using simple sequences such as "12345" or "abcdef"

Password complexity is augmented with account lockout. We understand that the complexity requirements are not as strong as they potentially could be, but because we enforce account and IP lockouts, the overall controls against brute-force guessing have been effective. Our lockout policy:

  • After 6 failed login attempts:
  • Lockout the user account for 5 minutes
  • Lockout the IP address for 1 hr
  • This policy is a balance between brute-force prevention and availability. Note that if you require more granular authentication controls, we highly recommend you utilize our Single Sign-On feature.
Settings > User > Show > Password tab
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