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Info tab

The Info tab shows basic information about your permissions/roles across all of the RightScale accounts to which you have access. For a complete breakdown, see the User Role Privileges matrix.


  • admin - The 'admin' role includes the same privileges as the 'actor' role. However, it does not have the same permissions as other roles. For example, you will still need the 'designer' role in order to create new RightScale components (ServerTemplates, RightScripts, etc.). Only an 'admin' can run a macro of a deployment, add/change public/private cloud infrastructures and credentials, modify users' permissions, and view/edit all SSH keys.
  • actor - Ability to launch, terminate, and manage instances, as well as deployments. Create/Edit/Delete cloud resources (S3 buckets, SSH keys, Security Groups, etc.) However, you can only view/edit the SSH keys that you created yourself.
  • observer - Ability to view the RightScale account.
  • designer - Ability to create RightScale components (ServerTemplates, RightScripts, etc.). Ability to view the MultiCloud Marketplace.
  • server_login - Ability to log into servers (SSH).
  • library - Ability to import objects from the MultiCloud Marketplace to your local view (collection). The ability to view the MultiCloud Marketplace requires the 'designer' role.
  • security_manager - Ability to create/edit/delete Security Groups.
  • publisher - Ability to create sharing groups and share RightScale objects (ServerTemplates, RightScripts, and macros) with other users. If you have a RightScale partner account, you can publish RightScale objects so that they appear under their respective Partners tab.
  • billing - By default all users of a RightScale account can view billing information. You will be able to see estimated cloud usage costs. However, if you prefer to hide this information, you can file a RightScale Support Ticket requesting that the "Billing Admin-only" account setting be enabled on your RightScale account so that only users with 'admin' and 'billing' user role privileges will be able to see billing related information.
  • enterprise_manager - (Enterprise only) Manages all accounts within the enterprise. Send account invitations and grant user role privileges across all accounts in the enterprise. The master enterprise account must have at least one 'enterprise_manager' user. An 'enterprise_manager' can also grant the same privileges to another user.

Settings > User > Show > Info tab

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