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Welcome to the MultiCloud Marketplace, where we maintain a library of ServerTemplates, RightScripts, MultiCloud Images and Macros for you. The MultiCloud Marketplace is simple to use, and contains the following functional areas. First, on the left hand side:

  • Browse - Select the RightScale component you wish to browse for in the MultiCloud Marketplace. Note that once selected, this dynamically reflects the remaining sections of the left hand side of the screen.
  • Search - Searches for the text pattern you enter in. Both the Nickname and Description fields are included in the Search.
  • What are...? - Answers the simple question "What are ServerTemplates?", "What are RightScripts", ... for each RightScale component.
  • Categories - Each RightScale component is split into categories. For example, ServerTemplates that are Load Balancing related, Application Servers, etc. Each category also includes an exhaustive listing "All" and "Shared". Shared displays all of the RightScale components that have been shared with you from other RightScale users via Sharing Groups. (Note: The ability to create Sharing Groups and share RightScale components is reserved for users of our Premium and Enterprise editions.) When you accept an invitation to a Sharing Group, you gain access to all of that group's shared RightScale components (ServerTemplates, RightScripts, Macros, and MCIs). The primary part of the display (right hand side) differs depending on what RightScale component you are browsing for. ServerTemplates are handled a bit differently, with additional functionality.

ServerTemplates - When browsing for ServerTemplates the screen is split into the following two sections:

  • Featured ServerTemplate - Highlights ServerTemplates that are either new, popular or have recently changed. The Featured ServerTemplate changes pretty often, about every two weeks, so keep your eyes open for ServerTemplates of interest!
  • List of ServerTemplates - Note that in addition to the categories, there are three helpful tabs to help you locate ServerTemplates of interest: Most Popular; Recently Added; Featured

Selecting an individual ServerTemplate also includes the following helpful capabilities:

  • My Rating - 4 Star rating system. 1 (lowest) to 4 (highest) rating.
  • Discussion- Post discussion comments for the ServerTemplate. Try to be as constructive as possible.

Note: In order to import a RightScale component (ServerTemplate, RightScript, etc.) from the MultiCloud Marketplace into the current RightScale account, you will need 'library' user role privileges. To check your user role privileges, go to Settings -> User. If you do not have this privilege, an 'admin' user of the RightScale account (Settings -> Account) must grant you this privilege.

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