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When browsing the MultiCloud Marketplace for RightScripts, the right portion of the page simply displays:

  • Name - Name of the RightScript.
  • Description - Description of the RightScript. The Description field when the RightScript is created (or subsequently edited) is used to populate this field.
  • Publisher - Who its published by. For example, RightScale or a partner such as IBM, New Relic, etc.

You may filter by the Publisher name and the type of price (Any, Free, Paid). Select the Apply action button to submit your filter.

Select the right arrow of an individual RightScript to drill down on additional details.
For ease of navigation, the bottom of the page will display the total number of pages, page number to jump to, or previous/next buttons.

Note: In order to import a RightScale component (ServerTemplate, RightScript, etc.) from the MultiCloud Marketplace into the current RightScale account, you will need 'library' user role privileges. To check your user role privileges, go to Settings -> User. If you do not have this privilege, an 'admin' user of the RightScale account (Settings -> Account) must grant you this privilege.

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