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Enter information about your publishing organization so that it can be subsequently used in the publishing process (by the Publishing Assistant). End users will see this information tied to your organization when viewing components (e.g. ServerTemplates, Macros, etc.) that you published to the MultiCloud Marketplace.

  • Name - The name of the publishing organization. This name will be used to denote the Publisher of a component in the MultiCloud Marketplace.
  • Email - Enter the email address that should be used by your customers to send you support requests regarding your published components.
  • Support Info - It is the responsibility of the Publisher (not RightScale) to provide help and support to users of their published components. Please provide a brief statement that will explain where your users can find help. (i.e. emails, phone numbers, websites, etc.) Is support free/paid?
  • Welcome Message - Enter a brief welcome message that will be displayed to your users when they import your shared component(s) from the MultiCloud Marketplace.
  • Logos - The following format and size restrictions apply to both small and large logos:
    • File Format - JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF
    • File Size - Less than 30Kb
    • Max. Pixel Dimensions - Small Logo (32x32), Large Logo (64x64)
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