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ServerTemplates, RightScripts, MultiCloud Images, and Macros all have libraries that you can browse to find objects that you wish to use in your own account. You cannot use them directly from the MultiCloud Marketplace. Rather, you must first import them so that they appear in your 'Local' view. You only need to import objects that are relevant for your application. Don't forget to occasionally check the libraries for new and updated ServerTemplates, RightScripts, etc.

Note: When you import a ServerTemplate, all of its associated RightScripts, MultiCloud Images, and RepoPaths (if supported) are also imported over unless they already exist in your local collection.

  • View Local - The local collection contains imported objects from the MultiCloud Marketplace or private objects that were either created from scratch or cloned.

Note: In order to import a RightScale component (ServerTemplate, RightScript, etc.) from the MultiCloud Marketplace into the current RightScale account, you will need 'library' user role privileges. To check your user role privileges, go to Settings -> User. If you do not have this privilege, an 'admin' user of the RightScale account (Settings -> Account) must grant you this privilege.

Design > ServerTemplates > View MultiCloud Marketplace

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Partners tab

The Partners tab displays all of the RightScale objects of this type that are published and supported by RightScale partners. Import any of these objects (e.g. ServerTemplates) that are relevant for your application. Objects can be used as-is or cloned and edited accordingly. For more information about how to use these objects, view its Support tab.

[Deprecated] Library Partners tab for both ServerTemplates and Macros

RightScale tab

The RightScale tab displays all of the RighScale objects (e.g. ServerTemplates, Macros, etc.) that are published and supported by RightScale. You can either use an object as-is or clone it to create an editable copy that you can customize accordingly.

RightScale regularly publishes ServerTemplates that can be commonly used for most applications (PHP FrontEnd, Rails App Server, MySQL EBS, etc.). As a best practice, you should only import ServerTemplates that are relevant for your application. But, be sure to check the MultiCloud Marketplace often for new and updated ServerTemplates.

[Deprecated] Library RightScale tab for both ServerTemplates and Macros

Shared tab

The Shared tab displays all of the RightScale objects that have been shared with you from other RightScale users via Account Groups. The ability to create Account Groups and share RightScale objects is reserved for users of our new enterprise structure. When you accept an invitation to an Account Group, you gain access to all of that group's shared RightScale objects (ServerTemplates, RightScripts, Macros, etc.), which will appear under the respective Shared category in the MultiCloud Marketplace.

Note: Imported RightScale objects (ServerTemplates, RightScripts, Macros, etc.) that have been published by RightScale or Partners cannot be published/shared even if they are cloned.

[Deprecated] Library Shared tab for both ServerTemplates and Macros
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