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Console Output tab

The Console Output tab shows generated meta-data, which is useful for troubleshooting. The host of an EC2 instance captures the console output and "posts" it to the EC2 management server from where it can be retrieved and displayed.

There are a few details you should know about the console output:

  • The console output is posted a few minutes after a server is booted or shutdown. EC2 does not provide a running console output.
  • Only the last 64KB of the console output is posted.
  • If you reboot an instance, the console output will be posted twice: shortly after shutting down the OS and shortly after it comes up again.
  • Posted console output is only guaranteed to be retained for one hour (so you may not be able to see the boot messages of an instance that was launched a long time ago).

Click the Reload button to observe the last output data, which includes the timestamp and output size. EC2 will be queried each time the button is clicked.

Manage > Servers > Show > Console Output tab
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