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Info tab

The Info tab is grouped into the following areas:

  • Status - Status information such as the instance state, IP address information, and who launched the instance (a RightScale username/email address, not a RightScale account).
  • Info - Both generic and cloud specific data is displayed in the Info section. The data displayed here is fetched from the database, but could have originated and been set by RightScale directly (e.g. a Name or Tag) or from the cloud (e.g. a Resource UID or CPU Speed). Note that many are actionable links.
  • Cloud Info - This section is specific to the cloud infrastructure the instance is running on. RightScale reports this on behalf of the cloud, but you cannot manipulate this data from the Dashboard (Please see your cloud provider documentation for more information. Note: The exact name of this info grouping differs, in that "Cloud" in the Cloud Info reflects the actual name of the cloud).
  • Timestamps - Critical instance timestamps (in the local TZ) are shown, such as Created, Booted and Updated at times.
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