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Audit Entries tab

The Audit Entries tab provides easy access to log file-like entries for all actions that are performed against your instance. Audit Entries are an important troubleshooting resource. Example Audit Entries include when an instance changes state (goes operational, or is being decommissioned, etc.) or when a RightScript or Chef Recipe is run.

Default Fields

  • Timestamp - Time and date stamp when the Audit Entry was logged.
  • Subject - Subject of the Audit Entry.
  • User - RightScale User the action is attributed to.
  • Summary - Basic text that summarizes the Audit Entry. A short Summary is displayed. If you click on the short Summary a longer Summary is displayed. The Summary can be tied to several things, such as a state transition (e.g. an instance goes operational, a volume is attached, etc.) or the execution of a RightScript or Chef Recipe (completed, or an error message, etc.).
Clouds > Private Cloud > Instances > Show > Audit Entries tab
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