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Attached Volumes tab

The Volumes tab lists the instance's block level permanent storage configuration settings. Currently attached Volumes for running instances are displayed. Any Volumes or Volume Snapshots that will be used when the instance is rebooted are also listed.

Default Fields

  • Name, Resource UID, Datacenter/Zone, Size, Server
  • Age - Length of time since Volume creation.
  • Status - Status of the Volume. Legal statuses are: pending, available, in-use, terminating and failed.
  • Tags - Machine tags associated with this Volume.
  • Snapshots - Lists the total number of Snapshots that have been taken of the Volume. If no Snapshots have been taken, a "-" is displayed.
  • Last Age - Last time the Volume had a Volume Snapshot taken. The number of days since the last snapshot or approximate number of months is displayed. If no Snapshots have been taken, a "-" is displayed.

Other Fields

  • Volume Types - Lists the Volume Type for clouds that support the capability. If they do not, or the actual Volume does not conform a known Volume Type, "unknown" is displayed.


  • Attach Volume - Attach an existing volume that's currently available. You can only attach a volume that exists in the same Datacenter/Zone as the instance you want to attach it to. You will be prompted for: Volume Name; which instance to attach to (default is the instance you are viewing); Device name for the attached Volume.
  • Create Volume and Attach - Create a new storage Volume and attach it to the running instance. Specify the following: Name; Description; Datacenter/Zone; Snapshot to create Volume from; Device name; Size of new Volume.
  • Create Snapshot - Create a new Volume Snapshot of the Volume.
  • Detach - Detach the listed Volume from the instance.
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