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Alerts tab

The Alerts tab shows all information pertaining to alerts associated with the instance. In addition to the Alert Spec name and who Defined it, the following fields are shown:

  • Condition - The criteria portion of an Alert. The condition and threshold define the trigger for the alert. If the condition and threshold are met, the alert will be raised. For example, if the Server's CPU-idle time is greater than 85% for at least 3 minutes, then trigger an Alert (whereby that Alert may vote to grow a Server Array).
  • Escalation - Name of the Alert Escalation that should be called if all conditions are met and an alert is raised. An Alert Escalation can be one action or a list of several actions.
  • Enabled - Enabled/disabled status of the Alert. For example, if an Alert is enabled (yes) or disabled (no). Disabled Alerts won't trigger an action if an associated condition is met.
  • State - The state of the alert for this instance. A Green sphere indicates the alert is is triggering, a red sphere indicates they are not.


  • New - Create a new alert.
  • Copy alert - Copy an existing alert associated with one of the following sources: Default RightScale alerts; Server; Private ServerTemplate; Imported ServerTemplate.
  • Enable All - Activates (turns-on) all alert specifications and escalations.
  • All 1hr off - Temporarily deactivates (turns-off) all alert specifications and escalations for 1 hour.
  • All 24hr off - Temporarily deactivates (turns-off) all alert specifications and escalations for 24 hours.
  • Disable All - Permanently deactivates (turns-off) all alert specifications and escalations.
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