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Sticky Session Policies tab

The Sticky Session Policies tab is where you can create a new Sticky Session policy for an AWS Elastic Load Balancer. By default, AWS ELB distributes requests to Instances running your application based on the lowest load. However, you can create a Sticky Session Policy so that a request is bound to the same Instance for the length of the entire session. Sticky sessions are based on either load balancer or application generated HTTP cookies.


  • Policy Name - Enter the name of your Sticky Session Policy.
  • Cookie Type - Select the type of cookie you want to use.
    • App Cookie - Allow the application to set the session lifetime.
    • Lb Cookie - Allow the Load Balancer (ELB) to set the session lifetime. If you specify Lb Cookie, you are prompted for a Cookie Expiration Period (in seconds). You cannot leave this field blank.
  • Cookie Name - Enter the name of the Cookie.
  • Listeners - A Sticky Session Policy can be associated with HTTP/HTTPS Listeners. Select one of the Listeners from the drop-down menu.
Clouds > AWS Region > Load Balancing > Show > Sticky Session Policies tab
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