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Specify the number of Reserved Instances of this type you wish to purchase.

Clouds > AWS Region > EC2 Reserved Instances > Buy Reserved Instances > Select


EC2 Reserved Instances is an additional pricing offering from Amazon which can help you reduce computing costs by paying a one-time payment to reserve compute capacity at a lower pricing rate. Reserved Instances are valid for one year from the time of purchase. When purchasing a Reserved Instance, you must select a specific availability zone and instance type. You must have 'admin' role privileges on a non-subaccount RightScale account to view and purchase Reserved Instances.

Action Buttons

  • Buy Reserved Instances - Click to view all of the available Reserved Instance offerings available for purchase


  • Duration - Length of time allotted for the purchased Reserved Instance
  • Description - Operating System for the Reserved Instance
  • Instance type - The size of the Instance
  • Availability Zone - The availability zone of the Reserved Instance
  • Usage price - Price of the Reserved Instance per hour
  • Fixed price - Cost of the Reserved Instance
  • ID - Unique identifier of the Reserved Instance
  • Instance Count - Quantity of the Reserved Instance
  • State - State of your Reserved Instance being in use or not.
  • Expires in - Days until your Reserved Instance expires

See Amazon for more information.

Clouds > AWS Region > EC2 Reserved Instances > Index

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