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Alerts tab

A list of alerts that are attached to the instance. Alerts can be defined at the Server, ServerTemplate, or Server Array levels. You can either add a new alert or copy an alert from one of RightScale's predefined alerts, from a different server in one of your deployments, or from one of the Private/RightScale/Partner ServerTemplates. Once you copy an alert over, you can edit and customize the alert for your own purposes without affecting the original alert. Alerts are not global.

Warning: Changes to an alert's configuration will take effect immediately. If the server is running, you may want to disable the associated server array unless you want the changes to take effect immediately. You also have the ability to change the status of the alerts. For example, if you want to prevent a server from voting for specific alert conditions that would affect autoscaling, you can temporarily disable (quench) some or all of the alerts for one hour or 24 hours.

Clouds > AWS Region > EC2 Instances > Show > Alerts tab
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