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Scripts tab

The Scripts tab shows a consolidated list of all RightScripts that are used by one or more Servers in the Deployment. When a RightScript is run, the script will be executed on running Servers that contain the RightScript. At the Deployment level you can either run a RightScript on select Servers or all Servers. Typically, you will need to run a boot or operational script when Input values have been modified and you need to pass those new Input values to your running Servers. In such cases, you need to execute one of the RightScripts that contains that Input value. Remember, multiple RightScripts can reference the same Input variable. You can freeze software repositories. When you freeze software repositories at the Deployment level, the changes will affect all Servers in the Deployment. By default, the preference is set to "Inherit" (i.e. It will inherit the repository preferences that are defined at the ServerTemplate level.) Similar to Inputs, repositories that are frozen at the Deployment level will override software repository preferences defined at the ServerTemplate level. There are three different types of RightScripts (and the ability to run 'Any Script'):

  • Boot - Scripts that are executed at boot time when a Server is launched. Boot scripts are typically used for setup purposes such as software installations. Boot scripts can also be run during a Server's runtime.
  • Operational - Scripts that are not run during the boot phase, but are available for on-demand execution on a running Server. Operational scripts are typically used for performing one-time actions on a Server. For example, restarting Apache, SVN code updates, or promoting a Slave-DB server to become the new Master-DB.
  • Decommission - Scripts that are executed during the decommissioning phase when a Server is terminated. Decommission scripts can also be run during a Server's runtime.
  • Any - Select and run any RightScript that's available in your account's local collection on select/all Servers in a Deployment. This feature is useful for running a script that's currently not listed in the ServerTemplate. Input parameters will not be prepopulated in the input confirmation screen. If a script is not available in your local collection, you may need to import it from the MultiCloud Marketplace. (Chef Recipes are not supported.)
Manage > Deployments > Show > Scripts tab
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