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Inputs tab

The Inputs tab displays a consolidated list of all inputs that are used by one or more servers in the deployment. You can see the current input parameters that are being used and it's being inherited from. Typically, most servers inherit their input values from their ServerTemplates. However, input values defined at the deployment level take precedence over any input values defined at the ServerTemplate level. When you edit and define input values at the deployment level, they will be inherited by ALL servers in the deployment and will overwrite any input values that are inherited from ServerTemplates. Similarly, inputs that are defined at the individual server level will overwrite input values that are defined at either the ServerTemplate or deployment levels. It's useful to define inputs at the deployment level if you have multiple deployments that are using the same ServerTemplate revision. For instance, you may want to configure your 'staging' deployment to use the same templates as your 'production' deployment, except you want to use a different database or SVN repository. Usually inputs are used in more than one RightScript. If you're creating your own private RightScripts, remember to use distinct input variable names otherwise, you may unintentionally define incorrect values for these inputs. For inputs that have predefined dropdowns, you can check the "override dropdown" box to manually enter a text value that you would like to use instead. There are five types of inputs:

  • Inherit - Select which value to inherit.
  • Ignore - The input value will be ignored. No value will be defined for this input variable. This is only for optional inputs, and may not be applied to a required input.
  • Env - Choose one of the predefined environment variables. We've defined several environment variables for EC2 and RightScale.
  • Text - Enter a valid value.
  • Cred - Select one of the credentials that you've previously created and defined.
  • Key - Select an SSH key value. Only SSH keys that contain key material will be listed.

The following action buttons exist on the Deployments -> Inputs tab:

  • Edit - Edit Inputs at the Deployment level.
  • Download CSV of External References - Exports all Input information at the Deployment level to a CSV file so you can view and report on it from an Excel spreadsheet. The following fields are exported: Input Name, Server Name, Unique Server ID, RightScript/Chef Recipe that uses the Input, Phase (boot, operational or decommission), Input Value, Source (where the Input was defined).
Manage > Deployments > Show > Inputs tab
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