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Audit Entries tab

The Audit Entries tab shows a detailed, historical record for all server activity within a deployment. Audit entries are created for virtually all actions, such as launching and terminating instances, as well as commands that are executed on instances to perform operations such as script execution or performing database backups. These log files will be one of your most useful tools for troubleshooting problems. Click the link in the Summary column to view a detailed audit entry. You can either view the audit entry in a "structured view" where information is sorted by actions or in "raw output view" where information is displayed as a typical, plain text log file. Click a timestamp to highlight any audit entries that were created at that particular time to see what took place before and after that audit entry. To view audit entries across the entire RightScale account, see Report -> Audit Entries.

Manage > Deployments > Show > Audit Entries

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