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Alerts tab

The Alerts tab shows an overview of all alerts and alert escalations. Unlike the Alerts tab at the Dashboard view, the Alerts tab for a deployment only displays alert information that's related to a specific deployment. The Overview section provides a real-time view of all alerts that are enabled (active) within the deployment along with the current state of each alert. The Alert Escalations sections lists the ones that can be associated with alerts in the deployment. Alert Escalations can either be configured to be available for a specific deployment or all deployments.

  • Enabled - The number of alerts (not servers) that are active (enabled) and are currently being monitored. Only the enabled alerts on running servers will be shown. Once an alert is triggered, the associated alert escalation will be called and its actions will be run in sequence. A green ball denotes that there are no triggered alert conditions on any of your running servers. A red ball denotes a triggered server alert condition. A red ball will be shown for each triggered alert. When an alert is triggered, it will be listed below along with the associated alert escalation that was called, the state of the alert (true=enabled; false=quenched/disabled) and the length of time (min/hour/day) that the same alert condition has been triggered (i.e. the alert condition still exists; the alert escalation's actions have not resolved the alert condition). You can also view/edit the alert, as well as change the state of the alert on a running server if you want to prevent a triggered alert from calling an alert escalation by quenching the alert (1hr off / 24hr off) or disabling it by making it inactive.
  • Quenched - The number of alerts on running instances that have been temporarily quenched (disabled) (i.e. 1hr off, 24hr off).
  • Inactive - The number of alerts on running instances that have been turned off (disabled).

Click the error icon, to view an alert's error message. Click the "Show" link to view more detailed information about each alert that is triggered.

Manage > Deployments > Show > Alerts tab
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