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To create a new credential, provide the following information:

  • Name - A short nickname that helps you recognize the credential.
  • Value - Copy and paste the value that you would like to save for this credential.
  • Description - A short description about the credential.
Design > Credentials > New


Credentials provide an efficient way of passing sensitive information (logins, passwords, etc.) to multiple servers. Once a credential is created, it can be used to define input values. In order to create a new Credential you will need 'designer' user role privileges. Only users with 'admin' privileges will be able to view the stored value of a Credential.

Servers are often launched with software that requires credentials in order to access certain resources, such as your code repositories (GIT / SVN). Any type of sensitive information should be stored as a credential because the stored information will be encrypted and will not be retrievable through the web interface.

Note: The Credentials Store is separate from your individual cloud credentials and RightScale account information (Settings -> Account).

Design > Credentials > Index

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If you have 'admin' privileges on the RightScale account, you can click on the "Show Value" link and enter your RightScale account's password in order to view the actual value of a credential. You can also edit the value of an existing credential, but be careful! If you change the value of a credential it will take effect immediately. Any ServerTemplate/Server where an input is defined by the credential will use the new value when a new server is launched or when a related script is run.

Design > Credentials > Show
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