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Cookbook Repos tab

The Cookbook Repos tab shows a list of cookbook repositories associated with the RepoPath object. Add one or more paths to your cookbook repositories. You can add public or private repositories. The order of the listed repositories can affect what recipes and attributes are used. Cookbooks are used in order and the first repository always wins. Therefore, you can use the order of repositories as a means for overwriting attributes. You should always list private cookbooks at the top of the list followed by public and Opscode cookbooks.

Add cookbook repo - When adding a path to a cookbook repository, you must specify the following:

  • URL - URL to the Chef repository. (e.g. git://
  • Type - Type of repository. At first release, please use git (not svn or download/tarball). RightScale can retrieve cookbooks from a git or svn server. You can also supply a URL to a tar or zip file, but it must uncompress into a valid cookbook repository. See Opscode for details.
  • Tag/Branch - (git/svn) Specify a specific tag or branch identifier.
    • Git - If left blank, the HEAD of the "master" branch will be used. Since tags are global in Git, you can either specify a branch name or tag. If you specify a specific branch, the HEAD version of that branch will be used.
  • Cookbooks path - The path in the repository to find the cookbooks. This is typically "cookbooks" for most cookbook repositories, including those from RightScale. If the cookbooks are located in the root directory, leave this field blank. Similarly, if they are located in a different directory, you must specify the correct path. (e.g. test/cookbooks).
  • Git SSH Key - (git) The Git SSH Key is only required for private cookbooks. You will need to provide Git with the public key and enter the private key in the Dashboard. Although you can use the Override dropdown option to enter it here, we recommend creating a credential for it.
  • Username - (svn/tar/zip) The username to access/unlock the repository. You can either choose an existing credential or use the overwrite option to manually enter the value.
  • Password - (svn/tar/zip) The password to access/unlock the repository. You can either choose an existing credential or use the overwrite option to manually enter the value.

Note: All cookbooks must supply a valid metadata file. See Opscode for details.

Design > RepoPaths > Show > Cookbook Repos tab
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