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View information about the cloud.

Clouds > Cloud > Show

Info tab


  • Name - the name of the private cloud
  • Description - User defined description of the cloud.
  • Created by - the email of the person who registered the cloud with RightScale. The owner is the administrator of the cloud.
  • Visibility - the cloud's availability (public/private). Currently only private clouds are supported. To gain access to a private cloud, you must accept an invitation from the owner's RightScale account.
  • Cloud Type - the name of the cloud infrastructure. (EC2, OpenStack, etc.)
  • Cloud Version - the cloud's version. Clouds do not have to be backwards compatible.
  • Endpoint Url - the endpoint url for the cloud's API.
  • Created at - time and date stamp when the cloud was created.
  • Updated at - time and date stamp when the cloud was last updated.
  • Cloud Controller Status - the status of the cloud's API server. "Healthy" means it is responding to requests. Otherwise, its state is "unknown".
  • Cloud Account Status - the status of your cloud credentials. "Healthy" means that RightScale can make an authenticated request to the Cloud Controller and get a response. Otherwise its state is "unknown".
Clouds > Cloud > Show > Info tab

Errors tab

The Errors tab lists the cloud controller error periods in chronological order. Each message includes a timestamp of when the error began and ended and a short description of the error.

Clouds > Cloud > Show > Errors tab
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