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What is RightScale Grid?

The RightScale Grid computing system is a scalable, queue-based processing framework utilizing the cloud for virtually unlimited computing resources.

Note: Currently, the RightScale Grid Computing System requires the use of Amazon Web Services.  It leverages Amazon’s EC2, SQS, and S3 web services to process large numbers of jobs in a scalable and cost efficient manner.

The goal of the RightScale Grid system is to shield the complexities of Grid Processing from the worker code. RightScale Grid hides any operations that are specific to Amazon Web Services so that your application code can be plugged in with minimal effort. RightScale Grid takes care of all the scheduling, load management, and data transport so that the job processing can operate on local data on an EC2 instance. RightScale Grid also monitors overall progress of jobs and provides access to log files and any associated error information.

A cloud-based grid processing system has many benefits. It follows the "pay-as-you-go" pricing model with little upfront costs. Because there is little-to-no-setup costs, you can split up your projects into components that makes it easy to track and even easier to charge back.  Since you can add capacity as needed, you can scale the system to minimize overall processing time so that you can see the results much faster.  Contrasting with traditional batch processing, you must plan, build, and deploy based on the peak processing power that's required. Traditional Data Center grid processing also takes a lot of time and effort to repurpose existing hardware when they're not being utilized (idle), which decreases system utilization and increases overall costs.


Example Use Cases:

  • Portfolio Comparisons or Sensitivity Analysis of Portfolios in the Financial Industry
  • Compound Comparisons in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Transcoding files in the Web 2.0 industry


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