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Google Chrome Postman Plugin

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Postman is a free plugin for the Google Chrome browser than can be used as a handy visual aid while learning the RightScale (RS) API. Those not familiar with bash/Linux, PowerShell/Windows or Ruby will find working with Postman a viable way to experiment with the RightScale API (or other RESTful APIs).

The general progression is as follows:

  • Install Postman (one time)
  • Authenticate with RS API (once per session)
  • Use the various Postman examples to assist learning the RS API and Postman.  (ongoing)
  • Construct your own Postman configurations and collections for RS API calls that interest you  (ongoing)
  • Tip:  Postman's history and collections features helps spin API examples back up quickly and easily.

The following documents should help you get going with Postman.

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