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Several tips with respect to using Postman and the RightScale API are provided in this document.


Several features you will want to take advantage of include:

  • Reset button - This will "reset" (nullify) current request URL, URL params and Headers.  Essentially it clears all the current settings out so that you have a clean slate.  You can configure as you see fit then click Send on a new request.
  • History - Extremely handy to have a history of your actions.  POST, GET, etc.  Hint:  If you click "Reset" prematurely, you can return to previous settings by using your HIstory.  Even when you do so, nothing is sent to the Request URL until you hit Send again explicitly.  You can also delete individual entries in your History.  (Hover over the entry, click the "X" to delete the entry.)
  • Preview - Previews the request. Click the Build button to return to prior screen so you can Send the request.


Do you have other tips?  Feel free to let us know!  Submit a request to

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