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Installing Postman


Installing the Postman plugin for your Google Chrome browser.

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The following are prerequisites for completing this tutorial:

  • Current/working version of Google Chrome


Postman is a free plugin for the Chrome browser.  This tutorial simply provides a few basic tips with respect to finding, installing and invoking Postman.  Please consult Google documentation for definitive instructions and details on how to use Postman.


Find and Install

  1. Start Chrome
  2. Google Search:  Postman Chrome Plugin
  3. Should point you towards the Google Chrome webstore
  4. Click the Install App button

Launch Postman

Use one of the following methods:

  1. From the Chrome pull-down:  Tools > Extensions > Postman/Visit Website > Launch App button. Or...
  2. Install/use the Google Chrome App Launcher.  Or...
  3. From the Bookmarks bar, click "Apps".  Any applications you have previously installed from the Google App Store should be displayed.  Look for "Postman - Rest Client"


Example screen from the Chrome pull-down via the website:

screen-Chrome Postman Launch-v1.png


Example view of the Chrome Apps in the Bookmark toolbar:


Post Tutorial Steps

View other Postman tutorials such as Authenticate.

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