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Refetch Repository

Scrapes a repository for cookbooks and other RepositoryAssets.


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Prerequisite:  Example assumes you have previously authenticated, and your valid session cookie is in 'mycookie'.

Example Call

Refetching performs a scrape to see if any changes have been made to the source repository. This action will pull in assets from a repository added to an account. You can then perform an Import Cookbooks from a Repository to bring cookbooks into your account and attach them when modifying a ServerTemplate. You can perform a Show Repository to view the fetch_status to see if the refetch completed successfully.

#!/bin/sh -e
curl -i -H X_API_VERSION:1.5 -b mycookie -X POST

Sample Output

HTTP/1.1 204 No Content
Server: nginx/1.0.15
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2013 20:30:23 GMT
Connection: keep-alive
Status: 204 No Content
X-Runtime: 341
X-Request-Uuid: 0c3909a2c4ad4c47930d2df4aed2caee
Cache-Control: no-cache
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