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Create Deployment

Create a new deployment.


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Prerequisite:  Example assumes you have previously authenticated, and your valid session cookie is in 'mycookie'.

Example Call

#!/bin/sh -e
curl -i -H X_API_VERSION:1.5 -b mycookie -X POST \
-d deployment[name]="Deployment for API Sandbox" \
-d deployment[description]="Sandbox for miscellaneous API tests" \

Sample Output

HTTP/1.1 201 Created
Server: nginx/1.0.15
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 18:33:36 GMT
Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Connection: keep-alive
Status: 201 Created
Location: /api/deployments/314837001
X-Runtime: 292
X-Request-Uuid: ecf7f1ed401b48a4b98de27d894389db
Set-Cookie: _session_id=b8112ab3a540a2cf0a81ce64be2c3e38; path=/; Secure; HttpOnly
Cache-Control: no-cache




Prerequisite:  Example assumes you have previously authenticated and your session cookie for subsequent requests is in 'cookieContainer'.

Example Call

#get cookie container from authentication $cookieContainer
$deploymentName = "Deployment for API Sandbox"
$deploymentDescription = "Sandbox for Miscellaneous API Tests"
$postString = "deployment[name]=""$deploymentName""&deployment[description]=$deploymentDescription"
$postBytes = [System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetBytes($postString)
$createDeploymentRequest = [System.Net.WebRequest]::Create("")
$createDeploymentRequest.Method = "POST"
$createDeploymentRequest.CookieContainer = $cookieContainer
$createDeploymentRequest.Headers.Add("X_API_VERSION", "1.5");

$createDeploymentRequestStream = $createDeploymentRequest.GetRequestStream()
$createDeploymentRequestStream.Write($postBytes, 0, $postBytes.Length)
[System.Net.WebResponse] $createDeploymentResponse = $createDeploymentRequest.GetResponse()
$createDeploymentResponseStream = $createDeploymentResponse.GetResponseStream()
$createDeploymentResponseStreamReader = New-Object System.IO.StreamReader -argumentList $createDeploymentResponseStream
[string]$createDeploymentResponseString = $createDeploymentResponseStreamReader.ReadToEnd()

Sample Output

IsMutuallyAuthenticated : False
Cookies : {}
Headers : {Transfer-Encoding, Connection, Status, X-Runtime...}
SupportsHeaders : True
ContentLength : -1
ContentEncoding :
ContentType : text/html; charset=utf-8
CharacterSet : utf-8
Server : nginx/1.0.15
LastModified : 2/21/2013 12:54:34 PM
StatusCode : Created
StatusDescription : Created
ProtocolVersion : 1.1
ResponseUri :
Method : POST
IsFromCache : False


See the Create Deployment example (RightScale API 1.6 Guide:  Appendix A - APEye Tools > Google Chrome Postman Plugin)

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