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Servers and Instances

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A server will always have a "next instance" and (if running) a "current instance". The next instance always holds the configuration to be used when RightScale launches or starts a new instance. This corresponds to the "next" tab on a server in the Dashboard UI. The current instance, if it exists, holds the configuration of the currently running instance. There is no access to past instances through the API.

Server arrays will follow the same paradigm: they will always have a next instance which defines how to launch the next instance. However, instead of having a single current instance they will have a collection of current instances which represent the running instances. Note that instances which are part of a server array can be reached through the Instances index call, and since an instance has a relationship to a "parent" (i.e., Server or ServerArray) it is possible to do things like listing instances belonging to a particular server array.

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