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Setting up collectd

In order to use the Monitoring utility, collectd must be installed on each instance.

Installing collectd with RightScripts

If you are using a ServerTemplate that does not have monitoring enabled, you can add the SYS Monitoring install RightScript as a boot script to install and configure collectd.   A server cannot be monitored by RightScale unless this RightScript or recipe has installed our Monitoring utility on it.  Since new features are constantly being added to the Monitoring utility, it is highly recommended that you install collectd using our RightScripts or recipes.

Assuming you've already imported one of RightScale's ServerTemplates from the MultiCloud Marketplace that contains the SYS Monitoring install RightScript, you can add this script to another ServerTemplate.  Be sure to add it as a boot script.



You can also find each of our SYS Monitoring Install RightScripts directly within our MultiCloud Marketplace here

Installing collectd with Chef recipes

If you are configuring a ServerTemplate that does not have monitoring enabled, you must add the following Chef recipes to the Boot Sequence to properly set up monitoring on your server, otherwise you will not be able to see any graphs (under a server's Monitoring tab) or set any alert specifications. For this reason, it's recommended that you start your ServerTemplate development by cloning the "Base" ServerTemplate. See Base ServerTemplate for Linux (Chef) (v13 Infinity).

  • rightscale::setup_monitoring 




Installing additional collectd plugins

Out of the box collectd comes with a nice set of plugins that auto-configure themselves. We've eliminated the ones that don't apply to EC2 (e.g. bluetooth or mbmon) to keep everything streamlined.  You'll notice that we install some of the most relevant collectd plugins by default in some of our ServerTemplates (e.g. MySQL EBS), and a list of these relevant plugins can be found here.   Once again, you can add these RightScripts to your own ServerTemplate, assuming you've already imported one of our ServerTemplates that contains these RightScripts.

See also, Collectd Plugin: Apache Log Monitor.


Installing Collectd yourself

Warning! It is highly recommend that you only install Collectd from Rightscale's official scripts and recipes mentioned above. If you need a specific collectd version or must install it yourself, it is best to contact our support team for further clarification and insight before moving on.

That being said, if you must install collectd yourself and use a non-Rightscale sanctioned version then you will want to follow the advice below.


If RightScale's RightScripts cannot be used, collectd can be installed from public repositories or from a specified source.  An appropriate config file should also be copied from the RightScripts.  If for some reason you need to install collectd yourself, use the following steps:

  • Install collectd version 4.3.1 or later. Version 5.x has not been officially tested and may not work with Rightscale properly
  • Set the hostname in the config file to the Sketchy ID number (formatted like this: 01-3IPDVL6CR0FSK) found on the info tab of your server, or the Env variable RS_Instance_UUID)
  • Configure the network plugin to send the monitoring data to the monitoring server specified in the launch data as RS_sketchy=<hostname>
  • Use a 20-second interval
  • Be sure to add the following tag to your server: "rs_monitoring:state=active"
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