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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


One of the most useful things you can do in the RightScale Dashboard is clone a RightScale component. Currently, you can clone the following:

  • Deployment
  • Server
  • ServerTemplate
  • RightScript
  • MultiCloud Image
  • Macro
  • RepoPath
  • Alert Escalation


When you clone an object, you are creating an exact duplicate of the object that has its own lineage. If you clone a deployment that contains running servers, the cloned deployment will not have running servers or launch duplicate servers. Instead the new deployment will simply contain the equivalent servers that can be launched at any time. 

A cloned object is a completely separate object with no linking to the original object that it was cloned from. When you clone ServerTemplates, RightScripts, and MultiCloud Images that support version control, you create an editable HEAD version of the component based on the version/revision that you are currently viewing in the Revision History timeline bar when you click Clone. Typically, you import committed revisions of components from the MultiCloud Marketplace that are static and uneditable. Therefore, if you need to customize it, you will need to clone it to create an editable version. 

Note:  You cannot clone a server array.

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