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NTP Time Synchronization


RightLink 6.0 enables more flexible and reliable time synchronization between instances and RightLink.

RightLink-enabled instances need to have an accurate system clock (+/- 3 minutes) in order to allow reliable, ordered delivery of control messages. Sometimes the cloud's Hypervisor time is not always configured correctly or properly configured for NTP time synchronization. In order to help ensure that an instance has the correct time, RightLink initiates a time sync on boot using the operating system's NTP services.​


RightLink Enhancements

  • Modified NTP resolution algorithm for both Linux and Windows

  • Added Linux support for RS_NTP userdata, which is already supported on Windows

  • Added support for rs_timeserverQ

Setting RS_ntp

  • Add a tag to your server: rs_agent:ntp_servers=server1[,server2,...]
  • Alternately, edit your MultiCloudImage's userdata and add the following key/value pair: RS_ntp=server1,[server2,...]

These both accomplish the same thing, but the tag is easier to apply.

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