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Uninstall RightLink

Linux: RightLink 5.6 - 6.3

Stop RightLink services

RigthLink Agent Controller
service rightlink stop
service rightscale stop

Remove RightScale and RightLink packages

RightLink 5.6-5.8
# CentOS, RHEL
yum remove rightscale
# Debian, Ubuntu
apt-get remove rightscale
RightLink 5.9-6.3
# CentOS, RHEL
yum remove rightlink6 rightlink6-sandbox
# Debian, Ubuntu
apt-get purge rightlink6 rightlink6-sandbox

The uninstaller may show an error while deleting files inside /opt/rightscale/*. This is normal behavior. 

Remove all RightLink files

RightLink Agent Controller
rm -rf /etc/rightscale.d /opt/rightscale /var/lib/rightscale /etc/init.d/rightimage /var/spool/cloud /var/cache/rightscale

# verify that you have not left any rightscale files (except /usr/share/zoneinfo/right)
find / -name right*
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