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Install RightLink


Install RightLink on a base image.


The following are prerequisites for completing this tutorial:

  • Select a base image
  • Boot the instance
  • Connect to the instance (SSH or RDP)

Supported operating systems:

  • RHEL 6 or CentOS 6
  • SLES 11
  • Ubuntu
  • Windows


When installing RightLink there are two main considerations in determining where to find the packages you need:  Distribution Channel and Operating System


Select Distribution Channel

RightScale maintains three software distribution channels for RightLink. At any given time, each channel contains one version of the product for a selection of operating systems. Choose the base URL of a distribution channel according to your use case.

Channel Base URL Description
General Availability (GA)* Significantly tested and used internally by RightScale and externally by customers/partners. Sometimes referred to as General Release. Best for production workloads.

Pre-release builds that have undergone some testing; defects may exist, features may change or disappear, and packages may break after the beta program ends. Best for testing upcoming RightLink releases with existing ServerTemplates.


Built every night from the contents of the active development branch; no testing is performed. Severe defects and inconsistencies may exist. Best for testing cutting-edge features.

* Although beta and nightly builds are accessible, it is strongly recommended that you use our GA release for production workloads. Specific installation instructions and examples in this guide refer to GA (not beta or staging) unless otherwise noted.

Select Operating System

RightLink is provided in several package formats; for each format, pre-built binary packages are available for a range of OS versions. The path that you append to the base URL depends on several of these factors. The table below summarizes all supported variants of RightLink as of v5.9 GA.

Operating System Package Manager Path
CentOS 6


yum /yum/1/el/6/x86_64
SLES 11 zypper /zypp/1/suse/11/x86_64
Ubuntu 12.04, 13.04 apt /apt
Windows 2008R2 n/a


Depending on the distribution channel you select, more or fewer variants may be available; browse the base URL with your Web browser to explore the directory structure.

Determine Package Manager URL

For Windows, browse to the base URL and then to the /msi subdirectory, download the MSI, and install it.


For Linux systems, you will install RightLink using the OS package manager. Compose the base URL and the path to form the URL that you will add to your package manager's configuration (or download using your Web browser, if installing for Windows).



GA channel for Debian/Ubuntu (all supported versions) amd64:


GA channel for Windows:


Beta channel for SLES 11 x86-64:


Nightly channel for CentOS 6 x86-64:

Install RightLink for your Operating System

Post Tutorial Steps

After installing RightLink on your running instance, typically you will want to bundle a new image from it. Once the new image is created you can place it under a ServerTemplate.  For more information on bundling please see Create RightLink 5.9 Enabled Images.

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